In the Classroom with Class 5

Hawa and Wendy work on their letters to their new pen-pal from Fredericksburg Christian, named Riley.  The fifth graders from Fredericksburg Christian sent over a letter to these students and included pictures of themselves.  The Royal Kids fifth graders shared letters with their deskmates, since there were sixteen letters from Fredericksburg Christian, and twenty-three fifth graders at Royal Kids.

Here’s the entire fifth grade class at Royal Kids.  They’re holding up the pencils the Fredericksburg Christian students sent over.  As I was passing out the pencils, they told me to tell their pen-pals how much they appreciated them.  And they shouted a collective thank-you when I’d finished passing them out.  The kids were so enthusiastic I struggled to keep them back so I could fit them all in the photo.  My back was up against the classroom wall, and they kept inching forward.

This was my first day back in the classroom as an instructor.  It was wonderful, since the last two weeks I’ve been doing more administrative work and could only spend time with the students during their break time.  But I was a little bit rusty, and had forgotten how enthusiastic these kids are.  And it took me awhile to settle them down and understand the letter writing process.  This was one of the first pictures I took, and I had to sneak out to take this picture, and took it from the doorway.

If you look closely at the chalkboard, on the left, is the alphabet in cursive.  The students don’t know cursive, and I had to write up a quick alphabet and then assisted them with words they couldn’t figure out.  But they caught on very quickly.  Unfortunately, I haven’t been using cursive since sixth grade…so I had to fudge a bit with capital letters Q and Z. Apologies to Mrs. Mulderig, my third grade cursive teacher.

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