For the Students: 8th Grade Graduation Part 3

All the hard work organizing the graduation and prize-giving day was done for the students.  To celebrate the achievements of the eight graders, and to inspire the younger students to work hard and study diligently.  All the students were caught up with the excitement of the day.

Binti, looking directly at the camera, is one of our sponsored students.  She boards at the school and is in class 7.   During the celebration, she acted in a dramatic performance about a girl who lost her opportunity to continue with her education after getting pregnant.  Binti played the lecherous man who impregnated the student and refused to help her with the hospital fees.

Sarah, Amina, and Angela told me the next day that their favorite part of the celebration was the food. Typical…so much for being inspired.  I spent Sunday afternoon with them showing them videos of their performances.   Sarah and Amina are both sponsored boarding students.  Angela also boards at the school, although both of her parents are still alive.

Elisha, Richard, Munene, and Chege are all in class 8 and were the rap stars of the day.  They performed a rap song praising Royal Kids School for its great performance with individual shout outs to their teachers.  They also praised the importance of education, and how it can take you to a higher life. Elisha has been boarding at Royal Kids for the last three years.

Here’s a few of the class 5 boys.  The boy in the center making the peace sign is named Pious.  I’ve known him since 2006, when he’d ride around in the school van on my lap. (A note about the school van: its been beyond repair since my 2006 visit. The school finally sold it a few days ago in hopes of repairing their 4-wheel drive truck, which has been in the garage for nine months. The final parts of the van are being sold and the truck should be fixed soon.)  Suleiman, the boy to the far right, was a prize-winner during the celebration since he was number one in his class at the end of year.

Here’s a mix of class six to class eight boys as we were waiting for the celebration to begin.  Akala, the boy kneeling down, is a ball of energy.  When I was his English teacher in 2009, he’d frequently jump on top of his desk and dance vigorously whenever there I shared some good news.

Sharon, in class eight, and Bijuma, in class six, sit on some of the benches that were delivered to the school. By the time I took their picture, they were ready for things to finally get started.

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