8th Grade Graduation. Part 2: Preparation

The eight grade graduation celebration was impressively thrown together within a week and a half.   Grace, the school director, stands in the back doorway of the preschool and discusses last minute details with Teacher Zuma, the master of ceremony and the school’s deputy headmaster.  Kamau, in the brown trousers, ran the sound board during the event.  And the boys adjust each other’s ties after a comment from Grace.

The teachers arrived at 7:30 in the morning to discuss the schedule of events (the program was sent to be typed and printed that morning).  They all worked together to make decorations for the tents.

Benches for the students to sit on were brought to the school that morning by push-cart.  Abu-Bakar, a class eight student, helped unload the cart before changing into his school uniform.  Push-carts are a common sight in the school’s community, water jugs and a wide variety of items are delivered by push-cart.

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