8th Grade Graduation Celebration. Part 1

Today was Royal Kids School’s first eighth grade graduation ceremony. The entire school attended.  Important education officials attended as guests of honor. And students’ families came out to celebrate their hard work.  The entire ceremony took place on the school’s playground.  The event started at 1 pm African time (so it began closer to 2:30), and I took this picture of the student section as they were waiting for it to begin.

Families sat across from the students. Each section had a tent covering, and since the event lasted close to five hours, everyone shifted their seats to follow the shade.

In-between the two sections was the honored guest section. Teacher Zuma, the school’s deputy headmaster, was the master of ceremonies and kept everything running smoothly.

My favorite part of the ceremony was the student entertainment.  Each grade prepared a song, dance, or poem recitation. Even the little ones.

Towards the end of the student entertainment, they served everyone pilau. Which is a delicious spiced rice served with goat meat.  In fact, they slaughtered the goat early this morning for today’s festivities.

These girls were the last ones to finish eating. They were captivated by the 8th grade girls performance, which was a play about the importance of education, in which a mother is willing to take out a loan to pay for her daughter’s school fees.

The day was a huge success. More photos from today are coming.

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