Prize-Wrapping in the Unofficial Office

Tomorrow is Royal Kids first 8th-grade graduation ceremony and prize-giving day.  This afternoon, Grace and I spent several hours sifting through donated notebooks, pencils, pens, crayons, and sharpeners to select and wrap the awards for all the top students from last year’s class one to class eight.   The ceremony is a very special occasion, so we had to have very shiny wrapping paper for all the awards.  In the above picture, Grace and I took a quick break after finishing the prizes for the graduates.

The best part of this task was spending so much time with Grace, who founded Royal Kids with her husband.  I have such a deep respect for this woman.  Hopefully I can better describe her goodness in another post.

Sitting still to wrap these prizes also gave me a chance to capture some of the other Royal Kids administrators as they stopped by the “house” section of the school, which could be considered an unofficial office.

Ngao, Grace’s husband, stopped by for a quick rest on the couch before continuing with the preparations for tomorrow’s ceremony.  He’d already procured tents for the school’s playground. But he was still working on finding chairs.

Mukeku, the school’s accountant, also stopped by before leaving for the day.  He’s very experienced, and played a crucial role in the getting the school’s new well drilled last August.

And Kheri soon replaced Mukeku.  He was roped into helping us tape down the name tags for the awards.  Kheri is the head teacher of the pre-school and is also Grace and Ngao’s son.  He’s great with little kids and works with the older kids to create rap songs and dance routines to perform at school meetings.


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