Teresia the Tricky One

Her name is Teresia, but she’s called Apwyo (which means tricky in the Luo language).  She came to Royal Kids School  from western Kenya shortly after the election violence.  And Ngao soon gave her a new name, for all the times she’s wiggled her way in and out of trouble.

She’s now starting her second year of high school and is one of our sponsored students.  She’s been schooling in Mombasa at a day school, but is transferring to a boarding school south of Mombasa this week.  I havent’ seen her since 2009, and we were able to catch up while she was waiting for some paper work to be finished and I was taking my morning chai.  This past year, besides doing her usual school work she also participated in her school’s drama club and competed locally.

The green couch Teresia’s lounging on is inside the “house” section of the school.  The very first school classes were held in this room, since Grace and Ngao started the school in the living room and built up and out to create the Royal Kids School of today.  Keep an eye out for this green couch, it’ll most likely be featured in many more pictures of the day.

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