Titus the Jewelry Maker

Titus stopped by the school this afternoon to drop off a jewelry order I made last week.  Titus is the first person we buy our non-paper bead jewelry from.  He’s also the half-brother of Simon, one of our sponsored high school students. And every time I’ve met with him, he’s been wearing the same baseball cap.

His jewelry business has really grown over the last few years.  He hired three other people to help him complete this order.  And his mother stopped by the school yesterday to share how proud she was of her son for buying them a plot of land.  He actually bought his family a two-acre plot of land upcountry, which is very impressive.

Buying from Titus is enjoyable because he always gives us a reasonable price (which we then mark up and pay him more than he’s asking) and I know he’s going to do good things with the money.  There are days when he tells me not to give him the full amount of money because he might do something irresponsible with it.  Today was one of those days.  But in the past, on days when I’ve paid the full amount and we’ve given him a ride as we go to town, he’s asked to be dropped off at his mother’s house who lives in the slums near the school.

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