How to Effectively Advertise a School: Energetic Students in a Tricked Out Van

Teacher Elisha, the school headmaster, and several students tape Royal Kids School brochures onto a matatu (Euro-style 15-passenger vans commonly used for transportation…and we fit in 20 students and 4 teachers).  Eighth grade students piled into the van to canvas the school’s town to advertise its excellent exam results and that it was still accepting students for the new year.

A close-up of the brochure.  We’d leave the van in groups of 3-4, handing these colored brochures to mothers and other adults. We had half-sheet fliers that we handed out to children to take home to their parents.

Irene mixes wheat flour with water, as Angela watches, to create the glue we used to paste the brochures onto electric poles.

Our matatu was pretty slick. If you look closely, that rear-view mirror is no mirror. Its actually a video screen.  We listened to…and watched a mix of hip-hop music videos as we rolled around town. How could locals not send their kids to a well-performing school with such style?

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