2010 Intern Spotlight: Thomas Johnson

Thomas Johnson, 2010 intern, tutors Henry Owino, eighth grade

On June 3, I arrived in Mombasa, Kenya brimming with excitementand anticipation.When I got in the carwith Adili (my “manager” for the trip), we exchanged greetings and began driving through the city to Royal Kids School. Once at the school, the welcome was unbelievable. It was a whole new world and culture, and everyone was eager to include me.

During the two months I was there, I spent the majority of my time teaching English lessons. It was quite an adjustment because they use British spellings, and the pronunciation is rather Kenyan (when I called back home, my friends said I sounded “African” just speaking English). Working with the students at the school was amazing. Their discipline and focus was without equal. Older students would get up around 4am to start studying and would continue long after the school day ended. The teachers themselves also had the same tenacity and determination. Some teachers were there 7 days a week, from early in the morning to maybe 7 or 8 at night teaching and assisting students.

Their unspoken strength really touched me. They take whatever time and resources are available to them, never complaining, and create amazing results. Their example has taught me so much, and I will never forget my time at Royal Kids School.

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